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Saskatchewan Sheep Breeders’ Association!


The Saskatchewan Sheep Breeders’ Association was established in 1909 by a group of sheep producers who wanted to improve the sheep industry in Saskatchewan.  This group knew that by working together, they could promote the sheep industry, deal with significant issues and support each other in the raising of high quality breeding sheep.


Today, the SSBA has members from all over the province, producing purebred and commercial sheep.  They are breeders of about 14 different purebred breeds of sheep as well as several crosses.

Yearly highlights are the annual summer show and sale in July and the Canadian Western Agribition Sheep Show & Sale in November.  

Objectives of the Saskatchewan Sheep Breeders’ Association

  • To establish and maintain a recognized organization to represent and to voice the concerns and interests of the sheep breeders in Saskatchewan.
  • To promote the production and sale of high quality purebred and commercial sheep.
  • To maintain a high profile of the sheep industry in Saskatchewan.
  • To support improved sheep breeding practices.
  • To co-operate with the government and other sectors of the sheep industry in determining policies related to the production of quality lambs and wool.
  • To encourage performance testing of sheep and promotion of superior tested animals and their progeny.
  • To foster improved sheep health and management practices.
  • To cooperate in practical research and demonstration projects.
  • To encourage the import and export of high quality breeding stock.
  • To support exhibitions, fairs and other related endeavors in their efforts to inform the public about the Saskatchewan sheep industry.